Joshua Wickman, California, University of Utah

March 30, 2016
Joshua Wickman of Laguna Beach, California, works today as a business consultant with a focus in sales and marketing. This follows his graduation from the University of Utah with a Bachelor Science in communications.

The University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, is the state’s flagship university and a public space-grant research school. Enrollment in 2015 soared beyond 30,000 students for undergraduate and graduate programs, boasting nearly 200 programs between both, including Utah’s only School of Medicine and S.J. Quinney College of Law.

In February 1850, the University of Utah was founded as the state’s oldest higher education institution, known then as the University of Deseret. By 1892, it changed its name, relocating to Salt Lake City in 1900. The university grew immensely in the early 20th century despite academic freedom controversies that occurred, particularly surrounding the regional LDS Church influence.

The university was heavily involved in the 2002 Winter Olympics, aiding with housing and serving as host for the Olympic Village in addition to opening and closing ceremonies. Prior to Olympic events, the university received a variety of campus renovations, including new facilities, in preparation for the monumental occasion.